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My name is Heidi and I love to create beautiful brands for passionate women.

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I'm here for those who are passionate about building a flourishing business for themselves. I found a love in graphic design and decided to make a go of it. Now let me help you to make a go of your dreams by beautifully designing your brand identity and collateral. Together, we can reach your ideal client and let your brand shine. 


G’day there

A little more about me… Once upon a time I worked in public relations for the Queensland Police. I decided to study graphic design while I was working full time. I loved it so much I decided to make a business from it.

I have a beautiful German Shepherd called Whiskey (a police dog dropout). I live at home with my parents in Toowoomba, Queensland (hello savings!) and when I’m not designing, you’ll probably find me at the beach. I love a good book, cheese platters, shopping, going to the gym, and anything chocolate-related.

My design style is…

feminine, sophisticated, polished, clean, a little outside the box, timeless and most importantly, reflective of your values and direction.

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