My name is Heidi.

Determined to follow my dreams, I moved home to Toowoomba with my parents. I wanted to create a business from the ground up. I’m passionate about connecting with like-minded people and helping them to maximise their business potential.


Dear designer, 

Ok I know you may not be a qualified graphic designer. But you, my friend, are a designer. Because you've chosen to design your own life. Not willing to settle, you're an entrepreneur. You've created a business out of something you love. You've made a life on your own terms. 

My name is Heidi. I'm a graphic designer. I moved home with my parents to start my own freelance business. I believe in finding your purpose. That is me. There's a big story behind it all. I'm an open book- you can read all about it on my blog.

I'm hoping that my story resonates with yours. I'm here for those looking for a little more. I found a love in graphic design and decided to make a go of it. Now let me help you to make a go of your dreams by beautifully designing your brand identity and collateral. Together, we can reach your ideal client and let your brand shine. 

Please take a look around, have a cuppa, check out my portfolio then contact me so we can beautfiy your business. 

Oh and in the near future you can check out my shop for some prints inspired by my recent life changes. 

Heidi Lou


MY design style

is polished,

is clean,

is a little outside the box,

is timeless,

is crisp.