Why a new logo isn't the key to fixing your problems


open the door to your success

I apologise for all the puns.

A good logo isn’t going to fix your business.

I know, I know, as a graphic designer, it sounds bizarre to hear me say that.

But it’s true. Let me explain. The truth is good design alone will not solve all your problems. You can spend money on hiring a designer to create a good logo for you in the hope that you get more sales. But good design alone won’t affect your bottom line. It’s what is done with the good design, how that design is developed, your full brand and everything that your brand encompasses that is going to make your business successful.

A logo needs to appeal to your ideal client

Your design solutions need to solve your business problem. Are you not reaching your target market? You really do have to design a brand that appeals to your ideal client. And that means taking the time to understand who they are, or hiring a designer who can do that for you. You need to delve into what kind of brands they like, what their income is, where they do their shopping, their gender, their age, their family status, the places they live, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, how they consume media and so many other factors. If you design a logo without this client in mind, you may miss the mark completely.

And you may say that you don’t have an ideal client, you’ll just sell to anyone who will buy from you. But the thing is, if you try to speak to everyone, you won’t speak to anyone.

You need a brand, not just a logo

I do get just a little bit irked by the phrase “I just want a logo”. I hear “I don’t need all the other stuff” being said a lot. And I totally understand where many business owners are coming from. Sometimes all you want is something to get you off the ground. And you often feel like you’re being jibbed if a designer says you need more than just a logo. Like when you go to a mechanic and you tell them just to fix what needs fixing (can you tell I’ve been burned by mechanics?) and to leave all that other stuff alone. I don’t understand what they’re talking about and I don’t always trust them that they’re doing the best for me and my car. But making sure you have a full brand in place is future-proofing your business success and securing solid relationships with clients for years to come.

A brand is not just a logo. It’s all of these things:

  • The emotion that is conveyed through its interactions

  • The personality of the business. Is it caring, quirky, fun-loving, minimalist or innovative?

  • What your business really stands for

  • Elements you use like patterns

  • The fonts you use

  • The carefully picked colours you use

  • Your website

  • Blog posts

  • Your communications and the tone of voice that is used

  • The imagery you use

  • Marketing collateral such as flyers or posters

  • What you or your staff wear

  • Your business card an email signature

  • Your social media

Everything about your business needs to ooze your brand. It needs to feel professional. It needs to be consistent across the board so people can recognise your brand without even seeing the logo. A logo is just an identification. A brand is what draws people in and makes them want to be apart of whatever you have going on because they just can’t resist it.

You need to solve a problem for your clients

I hear business owners being told a new logo will help your business grow. A new logo alone will not grow your business. I’t not going to bring new clients or customers to your door. What will bring people to your door is if you can solve a problem for them. Think about the biggest problem your user faces when hiring someone in your industry. How can you fix that for them? This is what’s going to set you apart from your competitors. Which leads nicely into my next point…

Stand out from your competitors

Understand your competitive market and who else offers your service. But not everyone can do it like you, you know that. How can you stand out? How can you show that you’re different? This doesn’t just mean having a different colour logo. It means having a unique selling point, a great brand idea or showing you can solve a problem for your client (see point before).

Your brand doesn’t let your client get to know who you are

This can be the hardest part. I know it feels awkward to get yourself out there. But in order to build trust so that your client wants to work with you, you need to let them get to know you. Let your brand show your personality. Share your story. Share your passion for what you do. People are much more likely to buy something knowing the story behind it and where it came from.

Do some moment mapping

Think about the user experience. Think about every interaction someone will have with your brand. Is it consistent across the board? Is it going to leave them feeling how you want them to feel? If not, perhaps it’s time to revisit how your brand is looking.

So there you go.

Hopefully I’ve saved you the heartache from hiring someone to just give you a logo, to then turn around and find you need a whole lot more.

A good designer will fix your business problems, not just give you a pretty logo.

Now comes the time for my little sales plug (sorry, you should have seen it coming). If you want to switch from just a logo to a brand, give me a bell. You can book in a free 15 minute chat here.

Heidi Eiser