My passion is to create beautiful designs that allow small business owners to speak directly to their desired clientele. 

I am a small business owner myself. I know what it means to want a life where you are doing work that you love on your own terms. You can't reach the people you want with bad design. You focus on what you do best and I'll help your brand to reach its full potential by creating a great package.

Now discussions around prices are never easy. I wanted to include on my website a price list so you can get an idea of how much it will cost before contacting me. I also offer payment plans for start up businesses. 

If the packages do not fit what you are chasing, please contact me for a custom quote. 


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Think of this as your brand audit, whether you’re rebranding or brand beginning. In this session, we sit down and look at all the nuts and bolts. I assess where your business and marketing is currently at, understand your business values, define your ideal clients, look at your competitors, survey your current social media, advertising, sponsorship, website, business signage, printed products, uniforms and anywhere else your brand might appear. 

We discuss your current strengths and weaknesses and plan a direction that you would like to take that keeps your customers and clients at the heart of it. 

This may be over the phone, in person over a cuppa, or over Skype. 

Depending on your chosen package, I will go away and come back to you with your concepts to choose from before rolling it out to other items. 

There is no obligation to book with me following this session. Regardless, you will get a lot out of the session and hopefully a renewed focus for your business. 

If you do book a top tier package following this session, this consultation fee will come off your package cost. 


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